The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) prepares and promotes information material and tools for the practical application of due diligence by companies:

The European operators are invited to refer to the following guides and practical manuals to apply the expected due of diligence required by the (EU) 2017/821 regulation:

5 Step Framework An OECD practical guide to the application of due diligence at the 5 crucial levels of the business management (adopting a solid system in business management; identifying and assessing risks in the supply chain; managing risks; controlling practices on the due diligence adopted by refiners and foundries; publicly communicate the management system of the due diligence). Annex I p. 17 of the Guide to responsible sourcing from mineral supply chains

Alignment assessment of industry programmes with the OECD minerals guidance: OECD website proposes a methodology aiming at assessing the extent to which sector programs are aligned with the detailed recommendations of the OECD Guide.

Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains: Each year, the OECD organizes a thematic forum dedicated to responsible sourcing in mineral supply chains.

RBC Global Forum: The event, an international reference on the subject, offers businesses, governments and civil society the opportunity to discuss the level of implementation of the OECD Guide on responsible business conduct at a global level.

The OECD Guidance is an International Standard around Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

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